New Zealand Cartoon Archive Collection

There are nearly 60,000 cartoons—originals and copies—in the New Zealand Cartoon Archive collection. More than 60 cartoonists are represented, and the archive continues to grow with new digital images added every week.

The collection includes:

  • Cartoons and caricatures by and about New Zealanders, with a strong emphasis on politics and social issues.
  • Digital copies of newspaper cartoons from ca 2005 to the present, by all the country’s major published cartoonists.
  • Original cartoons from a number of 20th century cartoonists, with large collections donated by Nevile Lodge, Eric Heath and Peter Bromhead.
  • A selection of late 19th-century New Zealand cartoons and caricatures—both originals and copies.

There are cartoons from the local Punch magazines that appeared spasmodically for brief periods over two decades from the early 1860s; cartoons from the early 1900s when prolific and talented cartoonists like William Blomfield and E. F. Hiscocks were at work in the popular weeklies of the time. All the major post-Second World War cartoonists are well represented – Sir Gordon Minhinnick, Neville Colvin, Sid Scales, Nevile Lodge, Eric Heath, Bill Wrathall and others. Today’s cartoonists – Tom Scott, Garrick Tremain, Malcolm Evans, Chris Slane, Malcolm Walker, Trace Hodgson, Mark Winter, Rod Emmerson, Murray Webb, Jim Hubbard, Peter Bromhead and Sharon Murdoch – continue to contribute to the collection, most delivering their cartoons digitally on a regular basis.

Search or browse the New Zealand Cartoon Archive collection on the National Library of New Zealand website.