The New Zealand Cartoon Archive

The New Zealand Cartoon Archive was launched in 1992 and is situated in the Alexander Turnbull Library, National Library, Wellington.

There are over 50,000 cartoons—originals and copies—in the New Zealand Cartoon Archive collection. More than 60 cartoonists are represented, and the archive continues to grow with new digital images added every week.

February’s Memorable Cartoon

Cartoon: King Dick to King Edward
“Now Ted, old man, you’re feeling a bit shy, of course, in your new role of king, and you’re likely to make some mistakes. But don’t let that worry you. I’m an old hand at the business, and whenever you’re in want of a wrinkle don’t be afraid to ring up your friend Dick. Trust me for pulling you through. Why, over in Australia the other day they said I ought to have been Czar of Russia.”

Cartoonists habitually depicted premier Richard John Seddon, imperious at home and abroad, as a royal intimate. In fact, he did attend the 1901 coronation of Edward VI as a royal guest, with the Australian premiers – to their chargrin – only ‘distinguished persons’.

E. Frederick Hiscocks, The Free Lance, 16 February 1901. ATL: J-065-042.

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