This website is hosted by the Guardians of the NZ Cartoon Archive. The Guardians committee was established in 2005 to support and promote the NZ Cartoon Archive, one of the major collections within the Alexander Turnbull Library.

The Cartoon Archive was launched on 1 April 1992 as a partnership between the New Zealand Cartoon Archive Trust and the Alexander Turnbull Library. The Turnbull Library processed, indexed, conserved and archived the growing collection and the Trust raised money to promote the Archive and publish and exhibit material from the collection.

After 2005, when the NZ Cartoon Archive was fully absorbed into the Alexander Turnbull Library at the National Library in Wellington, the Trust’s accumulated funds, largely from books and exhibitions, were lodged with the ATL Endowment Fund. The Guardians administer these funds to promote the Cartoon Archive and its work and to publish books and monographs and curate exhibitions that explore aspects of New Zealand’s rich cartooning heritage.

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