Between the Lines: A cartoon century of New Zealand political and social history, 1906-2005

Ian F Grant presents a fresh, illuminating political and social history of a century that has revolutionised life in New Zealand. The cartoons, drawn from the New Zealand Cartoon Archive collection, are a clear, sometimes savage, sometimes downright funny, reflection of popular opinion at the time. The decade-by-decade commentary and cartoon captions provide an incisive and penetrating pen portrait of the trends, events and personalities that have shaped New Zealand from the mid-nineteenth century onwards, from the death of New Zealand’s first great prime minister Richard John Seddon, through the trauma of two world wars and the upheavals of two very different economic and social revolutions led by two very different Labour governments and ending with Helen Clark’s historic third election win.

ISBN: 0-9582320-4-0
Published 2005.
288 pages, 228 x 210 mm, soft cover, over 500 cartoons.
Price: $39.95