James Robert Lynch

James (Jim) Lynch began, as ‘James’, weekly cartooning for the Taranaki Daily News in 1980 and the next year contributed a fortnightly cartoon to the New Zealand Times. In 1983 James was placed second in the cartoonist-of-the-year category at the Qantas Press Awards. He retired from active cartooning in 1986 when business commitments increased.

After a long career as a public servant, Jim Lynch was appointed National Training Manager at the Department of Social Security in 1981. In 1984 he and wife Eve set up Skill Development Associates in Wellington and the company has subsequently designed and implemented over 50 successful management systems and training programmes. A conservationist, he was founder of Zealandia/Karori Sanctuary, Wellington’s highly successful and pioneering urban conservation initiative and is chair of the Zealandia Guardians. In 2000, he received the Queen’s Service Medal in recognition of his contribution to conservation in Wellington.